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Author Topic: Warframe - A 4P Co-Op Space Ninja Simulator  (Read 955 times)

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Warframe - A 4P Co-Op Space Ninja Simulator
« on: May 07, 2013, 02:58:59 PM »

Lately i have been playing a game called "Warframe"
Warframe is a Co-operative 4 player action hack n' slash and 3rd person shooter game. The game is developed by Digital Extremes which is the SAME company that had developed the popular game,"Dark Sector."

The game's mechanics in terms of gameplay is very fun to play with, as the game features things such as Parkour and the ability to use a combination of that parkour and your melee and guns.
Another feature is the Mods system, you can attach and swap out abilities on EVERYTHING you have, you can give a pistol the ability to fire electricity and fire like a shotgun persay.

What is a "Warframe" ?

A Warframe is a power suit that the Tenno wear to heighten their abilities, but as the game translates it.. its basically the many characters you can become. I'd say its much like how League of Legends has many characters to choose from with varied skills.

The Factions
The game consists of a few factions, The Tenno, Grineer, and the Infestation,
The Tenno race, is basically a bunch of alien lifeforms that are KIND of like humans but not quite. (This is the race you play as)
The Grineer race in a nutshell, is the last remaining humans in the solar system.
The Infestation race is well.. basically like zombies. If you've ever played Halo or dead space, you'll know what to be expecting.

and the game seems to run fairly smooth, TAKE NOTE i am running this game on a very VERY old gaming PC. My PC is 8 years old of age, and the game here still runs like butter.

= Gameplay =

First Look gameplay

Short gameplay
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Warframe - A 4P Co-Op Space Ninja Simulator
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2013, 03:15:31 PM »
I also got the game and have played. He is not lieing