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World of tanks
« on: July 01, 2012, 06:41:32 PM »
First of all, some people say its pay 2 win.
No, its not. You can earn gold by playing clan wars.
Now we have that out of the way.

Wut is it
A free to play game in where, You start off with a low level tank, called a tier 1. And its a light tank, and you work yourself up to tier 10 going through different tank paths.
You don't respawn, when you die leave the game and play with a different tank. You have to pay for repairs and ammunition, untill tier 8-9 its easily affordable to do that tough. When you get to the highest tanks you have to play the lower level ones to get cash to pay for them
Here is the american tank tree

Also, brotips so you dont turn out to be gay as fuark and cost the game for your team.
- Wait for the reticle to get as small as possible before shooting, makes you accurate
- Don't expose your flank, Such as driving out from behind a build straight to where the enemy can shoot your side.
- Don't play the game alone, play it with a friend and stick together.
- Add me, Zarthalan  we can get a voice chat to where i yell at you for sucking.

Oh, and screenshots.

Horrible team, I'm that jagdtiger

Click here to play
what sucks though, the game only uses 1 core of your processor, so its hard to run the game at max
And the lack of shadows on some tanks is a problem on my end.
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